Misconceptions about Baptist Church

The main way Baptist Church separates from the Catholic church is the rejection of the infant baptism. An infant cannot choose Jesus as their personal savior. Which compared to ways ‘recruiting’ in other religions work, is quite admirable.


Here is a couple of more very common misconceptions about the Baptist Church.

Not Westboro

There are many misconceptions about Baptist Church. And we won’t exaggerate if we will say that most of the damage is done by the infamous Westboro Baptist community.

Baptists are Protestants



So, let’s clear up one thing straight away, we are much more than Westboro Baptist family that you have been hearing so much about.


Baptists are Protestants

Looking a bit into the history, Baptist doctrine was written around 1600. This was a prominent time for Protestants. Baptism is one of the denominations of the Protestantism. Which technically makes it Protestantism, at least in part. But, in reality, and throughout 400 years, those two have grown apart a lot. So much so, Protestantism in Scandinavia or UK is almost incomparable to Baptism in the heart of the U.S.


Gay marriage

It is complicated because many communities decided to interpret the Bible in a different way. But most Baptists have nothing against gay marriage. In fact, you don’t even have to be baptized. As long as you accept Jesus Crist, you are on the road to salvation.

Gay marriage


That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be wary of how you act in your daily life. If you spend all your time playing Android slots, drinking, disregarding the needs of your community, you are not on a good path.

Accepting Jesus Christ

Accepting Jesus Christ as Lord Savior is certainly the first, but not the only step towards salvation. To enter the heavenly kingdom, one must follow the will of the Father’.

What does that mean?

It means that simply following the Baptist doctrine is not enough. You must be a faithful servant of the God and follow the Bible.


Drugs and alcohol

Baptists grew as a free thinkers, rejecting the tradition. But when it comes to drugs and alcohol, there isn’t much to discuss. You harm your body and mind, and that is something you should never use as a Baptist.

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