What do Baptists believe in?

1. The Lord

Every part of the believer’s life as well as the life span of the church will be subject to the Lord.

2. The Word of God is the Authorized Rule of Faith and Practice

Baptists think that God communicates his will during the divine Word of God. For Baptists, the Bible is the ultimate authority in matters of religion and practice.

3. The Priesthood Of Believers

The Bible affirms the worth of every individual as having been created in the image of God, as well as declares each man morally accountable for hisor her own nature and behavior.
Baptists think that inherent in the worth of every man can also be the right and competence of every individual personally to cope directly with God through Jesus Christ.
This principle also implies our duty to serve other believers in intercession and nurture: we’re priests to every other.
Baptists think that no group or person has any right to compel others—powerfully or politically—to believe or worship as they do. Instead, Baptists have historically been champions of religious freedom.

4. The Church is of the Believers

Baptists believe that Jesus Christ picks to form his church by bringing together believers with the aim of worship, witness, fellowship and ministry (both religious and societal).
Baptists acknowledge the church worldwide as all who actually profess faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. In addition they profess their knowledge of the church as being clearly expressed in local congregations.
Each local church must therefore be composed of believers who, upon their profession of religion as well as their baptism (nearly always by immersion), are integrated to the neighborhood church through the action of the Holy Spirit.
Baptists believe that Believers’ Baptism and also the Lord’s Supper would be the two ordinances required by the New Testament and should be managed by the neighborhood church.

5. Evangelism Matters

Our calling will be to share God’s message of love and redemption with each individual.
Each Christian has a responsibility to talk about their beliefs with others. Baptists continue to be quite active in mission attempts, both in local and international circumstances.
We understand that assignment isn’t only evangelism, but additionally contains encouraging justice, social welfare, healing, education and peace on the planet.
This is a holistic strategy that expresses care for both requirements of the human soul and also the societal needs that impact all of life.

6. Church Autonomy and Organization

Authorities in an area church is commanded by the rules of the priesthood of believers, the Lordship of Christ, the ability of the Scriptures as well as the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit.
Such ‘congregational authorities’ calls for and expresses the equality and duty of believers underneath the Lordship of Christ.
Baptist churches also understand the demand to control the exercise of the autonomy in order to ‘connect’ by linking regionally, nationally and globally for ministry, mission, support and fellowship.

7. Liberty and Equality

Appearing from our certainties in regards to the priesthood of believers, we affirm that in Jesus Christ all folks are identical.
Religion is unable to be predetermined by another person, but is the right of and obligation of every person as they seek a connection with God based on their very own personal commitments.
A further expansion of the principle of the Lordship of Christ as well as the priesthood of believers will be discovered in the Baptist certainty that there must exist a separation involving the church and civil authorities.

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